Control Your Thin-Film Stress

Measuring and controlling thin-film stress is critical for attaining the targeted optical, electronic, and mechanical properties. Many high performance devices must be made with inherent stress within the individual layers for defining individual attributes. During the manufacturing process, undesired changes in stress can be appear and result in a change in device performance and also […]

Do You Need Components Manufactured?

You may have a company that is involved in the robotics, fire or medical industries. If this is the case, you may have the need to get various components manufactured for the devices and machines that you use on a daily basis. The company that you select to handle the manufacturing or fabricating duties is […]

reality of laptop innovations

The invention of laptops has given a different connotation to the term ‘notebooks’. Perhaps one of the most useful devices in the world, the status of laptop has changed from a luxury to that of a necessity. Laptops have become part of our daily requirements like mobile phones for the simple reason that they can […]

invigorating fields of paleontology

One of the most invigorating fields in the realm of science is paleontology. For some, it may seem like a rather dusty career choice. While it’s not the most elegant form of work, it’s very satisfying for those who have an interest in dinosaurs and in creatures that once ruled the earth long ago. While […]

iOS 7 running on an iPad?

iPad users will have a bit longer to wait until Apple’s new iOS 7 platform arrives on their devices, as the Cupertino-based company announced at WWDC 2013 last week, yet it seems that they can make an idea of what it will look like, courtesy of a leaked video. The clip, posted by a Russian […]

swimming pool maintenance advice

Maintenance of your precious swimming pool is one of the most important things to be kept in mind. Gone are the days when you would manually clean your pool. Electronic vacuums are available which will clean the bottom and sides of your pool in no time like hayward robotic pool cleaner. Vacuuming is easier if […]