Firefox 4 Beta 8 is Getting Better and Better

Although Mozilla still hasn’t officially announced the latest beta release of its upcoming Firefox 4, it has been available for download for almost day now. Behind schedule, even the revised one, Firefox 4 Beta 8 comes with quite a lot of bug-fixes, as the focus was on polishing, but also with better Sync support, a […]

domain names are valuable

The internet is an excellent marketing tool to reach potential clients anywhere and any time no matter the size of the company. It offers a lot of benefits including cost effective advertising, 24/7 information system, increase customer awareness, customer loyalty and profit maximization. One thing that is needed to enjoy those benefits mentioned above is […]

WordPress Updates for BlackBerry and Android

Recently WordPress blogging tool for mobile phones has been updated. BlackBerry and Android platforms received new versions with mainly bug fixes. The latest 1.4.1 release for BlackBerry addresses some bugs encountered by users, such as the empty title issue for blogs with the “Site Title” field set to an empty value, a problem in the […]

the thought of having website

Maintaining websites isn’t always easy. Other than updating the entry, there is also a need to update the template once in a while. The look of the site portrays the image of the company owners and how serious they are in sharing stuff or doing business in the web. Crappy looking website may ruin the […]

benefits of hot tub covers

Some people add hot tub to their washroom as it enhances the beauty and loveliness of the bathroom as well as bathing leisure time. Even if owning it can be costly, many still finds it costs effective and convenient way to enjoy the relaxing and peaceful hot tub than going to a local health spa. […]

ways to boost sales

With more and more business people becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of having an online presence; it is impossible for business owners to become lax and wait for customers to give them a visit. Competition nowadays is stiffer than ever, and competitors are more aggressive just to get a fair share of the […]