Another Birthday this Month

The good thing about having too many friends is that you will never run out of people to hangout with, to argue with, to share foods, to help you with life’s circumstances and so on. But, I must say I have to buy many birthday gifts as well. It’s not that I am complaining it […]

Downloading Different Types of Music

For two days now, I’m downloading different types of music. Wifey and my sister-in-law conspire in teasing me to my lists of music. They say that I have been playing the same songs over and over again. So, I decided to download as many as I can, to avoid repeating a song especially if it’s […]

updating our home for Christmas

Wifey already started placing Christmas decorations. She said this is the best time since November is almost over. Our Christmas tree is already finished; all it needs are the gifts underneath. It’s the first ever tree we put up since we came here in Abu Dhabi three years ago. The truth is everyone is excited […]

my niece christmas present

It’s been like ages since the last time I posted something in this blog. For months I actually forget that it existed, my bad. So, now that I remember might as well post something here. Since it’s Christmas it’s most likely to be related to it. For the moment, I am thinking of the best […]

yet another transfer

After just six months since we moved here in our current apartment, we have to transfer again to another apartment. Everything is good here, just that we are sharing it with my relative. Luckily, I got the approval for my own apartment and this month we will get to move to that place which we […]

really wanted to buy this instrument

Do you love to play music instruments? I do, but there are some instruments that I really don’t know how to play yet I have this fascination to learn. Learning also how to make music that will stand out, like adding some ampeg amp. I have searched online like on YouTube on some of the […]