yet another transfer

After just six months since we moved here in our current apartment, we have to transfer again to another apartment. Everything is good here, just that we are sharing it with my relative. Luckily, I got the approval for my own apartment and this month we will get to move to that place which we […]

high sound from other room

Last night I noticed the high sound from the other room. Well, it’s not weekend yet, but it seemed like they are having fun. I shrugged a shoulder since it’s not bothersome from our room. After sometime, one of them knocked on the door and invited me to come over. I feel awkward to say […]

everything is falling to place

Now, everything is falling to place. My future seems brighter and better as compared before. As if I can reach my goals in life if I will stay on track. Hopefully, that is really going to happen. It’s been a long time I’ve waited for this to happen. Then, here I am having the taste […]

wish him all the best in his endeavor

Last December 17, one of my cousins arrived and stayed in my aunt’s house. Just like me he also holds a tourist visa with the intention of finding a job. The only difference is that his visa is valid for three months while mine before is only valid for two months. So, he has three […]

Best bonding with your teen

Mostly prom dresses represent so much to today’s teens and quite often their parents as well. Most teen girls dream of picking the absolute perfect prom dress and having a night to remember for years, even a lifetime to come. As parents we all want our children to have special memories that will last a […]

this is really annoying

This is really annoying. I’m running out of money because of my failure to know the holidays. I oversight the days of the months that led me to believing it will be the same. The government declares a two day holiday, which is yesterday and today. This is in commemoration for the end of Ramadan. […]