Control Your Thin-Film Stress

Measuring and controlling thin-film stress is critical for attaining the targeted optical, electronic, and mechanical properties. Many high performance devices must be made with inherent stress within the individual layers for defining individual attributes. During the manufacturing process, undesired changes in stress can be appear and result in a change in device performance and also […]

7.9-Inch iPad Mini Apple Finally Unveiled

Unsurprisingly, Apple has just revealed the small iPad mini tablet powered by its latest iOS 6 platform. Apple’s announcement puts an end to a slew of rumors that have been making headlines in the past several weeks. They had a very busy year with lots of new products launched and even more to come by […]

Google makes the Nexus 7 tablet official

Internet giant company Google has launched its first Android tablet during its annual developer-focused conference. The new device has a 7” diagonal size and sports a 1280 by 800 pixel resolutions. This is the first 7” tablet that’s being endorsed and marketed by one of the world’s biggest IT companies. Steve Jobs’ Apple has always […]

New PlayStation 4 Powered by AMD

Rumored manufacturer of choice for Sony’s new game console main processor and the GPU is American CPU maker AMD. Many of you would think that this is the first AMD-made chip in a game console, but that is not the case. It may be the first AMD-branded chip, but it’s definitely not the first time […]

facts about metal detector

Mainly, metal detector is also included in the detector radar family, because many use radar in their systems. Other members of the detector radar family include: car radar detector systems, weather radar systems, and cordless radar systems. Metal detectors are made up of an oscillator that produces an alternating current that passes through a coil, […]

Wintel Card Plays by ASUS Eee Tablet

Mostly nowadays it is dominated by the ARM architecture and the Android OS but, ASUS released one of those so-called Wintel tablets, complete with a larger form factor and matching price. Many tablets of today have similar specifications, especially those loaded with the Android OS and running ARM chips. While there is some variety to […]