OS X and iOS under a single hood?

Recent Apple news has announced a new effort to bring the engineering teams behind the company’s two operating systems under a single hood. Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, will be the head of the new group. Craig Federighi will lead both iOS and OS X, Apple confirmed in a press release […]

Windows 8 Most Tested Pre-Release

Shortly Microsoft will launch the final version of Windows 8, but the new operating system enjoys a great success even though it’s still in beta stage. Redmond-based technology company said in a blog post that Windows 8 is the most tested pre-release product ever released by Microsoft, emphasizing that the huge number of early adopters […]

get rid of spyware problem now

Endless pop-ops on screen and very low speed of your computer then it have been infected by the spyware. The spyware gets installed in the user’s computer without the knowledge of the user and steels the personal information and give to the companies, as the result your system is flooded with never-ending pop-ups. So get […]

Apple Says Samsung Ignoring Court Order

Over the years Apple and Samsung have been suing each other over their products, but now they are suing each other over the reactions to said attacks, or lack thereof. Apple was the one who started it all and now it is making things continue onwards, despite the grumblings of either side. What it is […]

Despite Lawsuit Asus Continue Transformer Prime Production

Representative from ASUS has revealed recently that the outfit has no plans to discontinue the production of tablets in the Transformer line, including the recently released Transformer Prime, despite the lawsuit started against the company by Hasbro. After the trademark infringement lawsuit was filed by the US-based toy maker, Asus has conducted a series of […]

Google TV Failure, Intel Off to Smart TV Market

Intel wasn’t doing great in the field of Smart TVs when it dropped Boxee Box support, this is the first real signs and, now, iSuppli found that the Google TV project is another venture that the chip giant is backing out of. To give some context, Intel has, for some time, been trying to expand […]