everything is falling to place

Now, everything is falling to place. My future seems brighter and better as compared before. As if I can reach my goals in life if I will stay on track. Hopefully, that is really going to happen. It’s been a long time I’ve waited for this to happen. Then, here I am having the taste of my first ever salary from the profession I’ve worked so hard to get. The idea of having my dreaming house is no longer that bleak. I now have the confidence to say I can get it or I can buy it.

To be honest, I have so many ideals for my dream house, a pool or indoor pool with raypak heater, a nice lanai, beautiful garden with nice outdoor furniture, big kitchen, great master’s bedroom, a nice view and so on. I think reading a lot of home décor magazine influence me so much. But, I’m also aware of the possibilities that not all of this will happen. Eventually, when the time comes the design of the house will depend on the money although I will strive for the best.

Oh well, let’s just see what will really happen in a few years’ time.