winter is really nearing

I can feel its getting cold outside, even brother can attest to that. He said winter is really nearing, though this will be the first for him. Well, this will be the first for the three of us – me, wifey and brother. So, it’s quite exciting to experience such. Sadly, we won’t be having snowfall, which is what I’m after. The temperature will just drop to 3°C (37 °F). Of course, there will be no snow to form in that temperature.

Anyway, I’m just curious whether my friends in New York, London, and New Zealand are preparing themselves for the really cold months. I’m sure they can benefit a lot from having tire chains for trucks because it makes driving safer. Thinking about that makes me want to try driving in the snowy mountains, though I’m not sure if I can handle it even if I have tire chains installed. But, I’m sure it would be a good experience.


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