WordPress Updates for BlackBerry and Android

Recently WordPress blogging tool for mobile phones has been updated. BlackBerry and Android platforms received new versions with mainly bug fixes. The latest 1.4.1 release for BlackBerry addresses some bugs encountered by users, such as the empty title issue for blogs with the “Site Title” field set to an empty value, a problem in the comments screen that didn’t allow editing of comments with special characters within the URL or e-mail field, as well as other minor bugs. Also, the update also delivers a better integration with the VideoPress service and the WordPress.com Space-Upgrade option, as well as support for the blog shortcut icon.

The Android build, now at version 1.3.5, has a longer change list, including: more stable preview of blog posts, a fix regarding multi-language support which made long strings of text break the interface, a patch for an issue which caused the option to turn off the Mobile Theme to randomly disappear, and another one for the occasional adding of random extra paragraph HTML tags when editing a blog post.

Furthermore, the update deals with two crashes which occurred when working with very large images of over 8Mb, and when switching the data connection type during a process (e.g. switching from WiFi to 3G). Apart from these fixes, the release also makes it easier for users to deal with comments. Newly added feature makes the actual text of new comments appear in the Android notification bar.

The latest mobile versions of WordPress can be downloaded here: Blackberry and Android